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Monday, 3 January 2011

Stuck in Switzerland...again! Not a good day.

So today guys, being a bank holiday and therefore being cheaper flights and less chaotic motorways than tomorrow, my parents informed me that it would make much more sense to travel back to France today than tomorrow.

Although reluctant, I knew it made sense. So after the bad mood passed, I packed my bags and headed off to Heathrow airport to fly to Basel airport in Switzerland, and then catch the train to Strasbourg.

Well as it's me, and my luck, before leaving the house I found out I lost my Strasbourg room keys. Great start. So I get to the airport and there's a sliiiiight delay. Nothing too major, but still a bit of a pain. So I land, grab my bag, you guessed it, last one off the plane. That's my luck again. So after a bus to the station, I get there to find the ticket office is closed. This isn't that important, I just wanted to know when the next Basel to Strasbourg train was.

After scouting out the nearest timetable, I found out the last train had left 10 minutes ago. Now is it just me, or is leaving just 10 minutes before you get there, so much more frustrating then a few hours ago? So I was am stuck. In Switzerland. AGAIN. I spent the last hour looking for hotels that weren't £7,803,938,756 a night for a single room, and so now I'm bringing you this from a youth hostel.

My life right now...

The things I do for adventures eh?

Rats Out!

EDIT: I'm now watching Not Another Teen Movie. Life just got more awesomeness

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  1. Switzerland on a bank holiday isn't my idea of fun. Could be worse though - could be Zurich.

  2. In a Plains, Trains, and Automobile situation, would you be a Steve Martin, or a John Candy?


  3. Best of luck getting home with your sanity!

  4. I bet this is a great way to attract views...Switzerland...

  5. That's such a great movie. John Candy is a funny guy.

    I hope you get home safely.

  6. sounds like hell man, good luck making it back... sidenote: i love planes, trains, and automobiles

  7. Man I hope you get out of there soon.

  8. I really enjoy your stories, look forward to following you and keeping up to date!

  9. Bro, that sucks. At least you know what you're doing. there are some "travelers" that would seriously have an emotional breakdown if these things happened to them! Best of luck on your travels!

  10. Post some pics! Switzerland is a very beautiful place

  11. Been in that position before exactly. It was due to some sort of terrorist scare in 2006. Can barely remember it now. Oh well, at least you can enjoy the cheese, air dried beef and whatever else for a wee bit longer.

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