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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


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Monday, 21 February 2011


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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Patriotism Vs Racism

Okay first things first, this is a longish post. A rant, but one that I encounter a lot and I get very passionate about. If you're going to comment, please read the entire post, rather than just the first two paragraphs.

Patriotism Vs Racism

Anyone else out there proud of their country? Proud to say "I'm ____ and proud." Well you're a racist. Proud of your country? The land you live in? Your culture and heritage? You're a racist.

Now, of course I don't mean this. I for one, as an English lad am extremely proud to say; 'Yeah, I'm English.' Sure, we have problems in this country, but what country doesn't? Now, I'm not turning this into an America vs Great Britain debate, but I have no issue in saying I am extremely patriotic. I love England, and am proud to be English.

This is where it get's frustrating. I'm not sure what the situation is in your country, (I am lead to believe that patriotism is encouraged in the States) but to put it simply, in England,

Patriotism is a crime.

Here, it is looked down upon. We live in such an overly-political correct country that it is forbidden to say you are a patriot.

So where does this stem from?

Ignorance? Do we just not want to experience diversity and other cultures? Of course not. As a traveller, I love being divirged into new cultures, so no, it's not an issue of being scared of new ideas. The problem with the British government, is that they have brainwashed our nation into believing that the love for your country, is exactly the same as the hate for certain races. There is subconscience link that leads people to believe, saying you're proud to be English, means you're proud to be white. Of course, then, there is an extremely thin line bordering between being patriotic, and racist.

The situation is so bad in Great Britian, that England is the only country in the United Kingdom that doesn't celebrate it's Patron's Saint Day. Although April 23rd is regarded as St George's day, it is rarely celebrated in England. You'll occasionally see someone wearing their England football shirt, to whom I applaud on making at least some effort, but that is the utmost display of patriotism on St George's day. The Irish however, know how to celebrate their St Patrick's day. With street parties, marches, live bands in the street and massive consumption of alcohol, the Irish really know how to celebrate their heritage. We English are so scared of being judged as racist, that we refuse to celebrate St George's day, and instead, the majority of English will particpate in the festivities of the Irish Patron Saint's day.

The problem lies with being judged. Although many of us beleive, we are simply being patriotic, we as a culture are scared of being deemed as racist. So rather than take the risk, we do nothing. It's instances like this that means the English culture is dying. We are one of the only cultures in the entire world that fears standing up for who we are, and being able to say, 'Hey, I am English and love this country. Let's celebrate.'

Let's take this example a little further. At university, we are allowed to set up little social groups. A method of bringing people together, with similar interests, to make friends.

At our university, there are 'Official university group for Indians,' Groups for 'Asians, Gamers, Lockpicks, Spanish, Northeners' and just about everything you could think of.

However, the second I begin to pledge the idea of 'Hey, there's a group for Spaniards, why don't we have an official group for the English?' to no surprise, that idea is turned down, as it is 'racist.' I am by no means suggesting forming a mini BNP group in my university, or parading the corridors with a Swastika printed on the St George's flag, I am simply just suggesting that it would be a good idea to meet other people.

So, what is the solution?

It's simple. Take pride in your country. Show it off. Wear your heart on your sleeve, and remember:

Patriotism isn't racism, and the love for your country doesn't mean the hate for other races.

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