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Thursday, 6 January 2011

First tattoo

Well as I'm sure you're aware by now, I'm safely back in France! I didn't really do the whole 'Merry Xmas everyone! What did you get?!' type of post, so I'll just assume you're all in good health and had a wonderful holiday. As well as the many awesome Christmas presents I did get, I also got something else for Christmas.

A present from me, to me. Something I've spent the last year and a half thinking about and designing. You've probably already guessed it. If you haven't...well no offence buddy but it is the title of the post!

Yup, I got my first tattoo. Or as my good friend Mr Frosty puts it: "Rat a tat tat!"

 So here it is:

Couple of hours after it was done. Also, I have no idea why the date is upside down.

The next day. 

I'm no good at taking pictures of my own calf as you've probably guessed, but it looks so much nicer in person!
On a side note:

I have no idea why my camera 1) Shows the date on pictures as it didn't used to and 2) Why that date is in the American format.

But yeah there it is! Took 2 and a half hours and I am dead chuffed with it. It came out so much better than I was expecting! The design itself is incorporated of two main ideas. The first being the English Tudor Rose, and the second being lyrics from one of my favourite songs.

The song is 'England Belongs to Me' by a London based Punk/Oi band called 'Cock Sparrer'

Here are the lyrics:

Years of being told you ain't as good as us
Join the line, sign your name
And they all said that our country's going bust
But no-one's fooling us again

England belong's to me
A nation's pride the dirty water on the rivers
No one can take away our memory
Oh Oh, England belongs to me

We'll show the world that the boys are back to stay
And you all know what we can do
Heads held high, fighting all the way
For the red, white, and blue

I strongly suggest you check them out.

That's it from me.

Rats out!

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  1. That's pretty nice, man. Also, I just noticed you have 800 followers. Looking forward to more BlogWave!
    (American Date Format Is Best Format :)

  2. This is the one present I promised myself someday but I still can't get a clear idea of what I'd really like to get. I've got that one idea but I still haven't found somebody who can put it down on a sheet of paper for me.

    I'm glad for you, this sure is an amazing tattoo!

  3. Thanks for the answer. I've been told this before but I guess I'm only making up some excuses. Knowing myself, I'd feel somehow obligated to get a tattoo done for making that guy draw something up for me even if it's his job and that what I want isn't quite complicated.

    I always wanted an 3 inches dice on my shoulder blade with the faces being in dots : 1-3-skull. I'm playing poker for a living while going to skull and I've always been doing sports and pushing my body to my limits and been somehow gambling with my life and this somehow represent the constant presence of dying.. being part of everybody's life. Yet, I can't really decide what else I could get since it seems pretty empty to me yet I don't want anything too big or flashy since my primary idea was to get it done in black or any plain color. I guess I'll wait and see how it goes but I sure want to get at least one tattoo while I'm still young!

  4. Each to his own. I think you're nuts.

  5. Nice. The lyrics reminded me of The Smiths for some reason. I'll check out the band.

  6. It looks very nice and has a very pretty color to it. I've always considered tattoos, but never decided on one.

  7. Lovely tattoo, it's nice!:)

  8. that's an awesome tatoo. rear-thigh is an awesome place for one, i want to get one myself

  9. I don't believe that's you in the picture :P

  10. @Smile!

    Well it is! I don't know what other proof to give you haha. I would've thought a poorly taken picture with the date on would've done?

  11. Lol put out one pic and suddenly everybody wants tits, timestamp and a sharpie in the....

  12. I'm not really a fan of tattoos but I like yours!

  13. I'm not a tat fan, but I understand everyone has different likes.

  14. cool. i got my first tattoo 10 days ago :D

  15. pretty cool, following you now