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Monday, 4 October 2010

Oktoberfest 2010 + German Police Station + Train station floor = One hell of a weekend

As you may or may not have read from my last post, last weekend I travelled to Germany for a last minute trip to Stuttgart, to kill off my liver at Oktoberfest. Now, just to clarify things before I do enlighten you all with my adventure, it wasn't officially Oktoberfest we went to. Although it takes place at the same time as the world renowned Oktoberfest in Munich, the Stuttgart equivalent is known as Cannstatter Volksfest and is essentially Oktoberfest, but in Stuttgart. After speaking to some guys we met there, they said they preferred the Stuttgart version rather than Munich! Anyway, enough of the preliminary story telling, let's get this written story started.

Now, like most students my age I promised myself, that as I had to be up and ready at 5:30am on the Saturday morning, that I would get an early night so I would be fully prepared and ready for the hell I was going to put my body through during the day. And of course, like most other students, I didn't fall asleep till 3:30am. So, on two hours sleep, I got up, got dressed as ridiculously as I could, (The idea was, the more we stand out, the more people we meet and the more free drinks we get. This worked incredibly well!) and headed just outside campus to meet two lads I had met the day before. (Me in my Stalk hat, Megan fox tank top and swim shorts)

An hours walk in the rain to the train station wasn't the best way to start the day, but upon arriving at the train station the excitement soon kicked in. Here we met the rest of the gang, some I had met before, others I soon got to know, and then got the bus into Kehl, Germany to begin our journey to Stuttgart. After cracking open the first of many beers at 9:30 and meeting the rest of the guys we were travelling with, we boarded our second train, which in itself was an amazing experience. The train was rammed to the brim with a variety ages and nationalities, but the one thing we all had in common, we were all drinking.

After a longer train journey than we expected, (the train was so full we had to take a different route!) we soon arrived at the carnival. Now, the reason I call it a carnival and not a festival is because I wasn't expecting roller coasters and rides amongst so many drunken people.

Quick note - All the photo's taken in this post are taken by myself, or others using my camera. These are the people I met, and the drinks I consumed. Thought it would be better to share my experience with you guys if I gave this post a personal touch and took the photos myself, rather than Googling them.

Anyways, THIS is what we'd all been waiting for, the first round of beers! (This is only half of the first round as I'm sure that's all she could carry!)

The lack of sleep, the crowded (to the point I couldn't move and had to pee so bad) train and wait had been so worth it. The first sip of this cold, cold beer was like heaven. Here it was. My first litre of many:

Now, as a student learning French and travelling with a load of French speakers, I found it so much easier to speak French after several of these beautiful things. So, naturally, many more of these followed. After meeting some of the French guys and exchanging opinions on decent punk bands and generally debating on music for an hour, I could already feel the effect of several litres of beer swimming around in my system. Here's a few more photo's, taken by someone else with my camera, of our drinking 'team.'

                                                   I'm the douchebag with the pro Stalk hat in this one

                                              Bird hats are awesome, so Matt bought a blue parrot one haha

After several rounds of drinks and all feeling a little more, shall we say, not our normal selves, we'd decided we wanted to head into the actual tent itself to take part in what can only be said as the most awesome part of the festival ever. Now, coming from the UK and therefore an over the top health and safety system, it was awesome to see and take part in what can only be described as slightly dangerous, yet awesome.

Long story short, get as drunk as you can, get on tables as dance your ass off! Took some photos of others doing it, but love this picture because the guy is wearing an AWESOME tee shirt:

Now all day, we'd been sat next to this table full of German lads. They were chanting, singing and drinking and seemed like a right laugh. The only way I can describe it is like drinking with a bunch of football hooligans, but without the football. Was awesome chanting back, having drinking competitions with these guys and just generally have a massive laugh.

Now, part 2 of this hench post, will be shorter don't worry! If you have read up to here so far, thanks a lot <3

Germany Police Stations are scary places.

Sure a lot of you have been curious when reading the title of this blog, as to why I ended up at a Police station. No, don't worry I wasn't so drunk I was making inappropriate Hitler jokes or swore at a bouncer or anything like that. Fact is, although these German kids, pictured above, seemed so nice and friendly to us foreigners, one of these pikeys was a thieving little well. insert whatever swear word you think is appropriate. We were sat at our table drinking, having a good laugh generally have a good time, when my friend stands up and watches this German kid. Following his eye line, I see he is watching one of these kids looking under the table were sat on. As he goes up to him, he sees that this little...again use whatever swearword you feel necessary, is going through his bag, pulling stuff out. Not in a 'HAHA your stuff is on the floor' type of way, but in a secretive, 'What can I steal from his bag' type of way. Naturally, my friend asks him what the hell he thinks he is doing. Being German, he plays the 'I'm sorry I don't understand' card, but no less than 15 minutes ago we were talking in perfect English to this kid. He knows exactly what he's done wrong, so my friend hits him. The German kid's friend stands up, where immediately I tell him to 'Sit back down' and explain the situation to him.

Now normally, we would have just smacked this kid, taught him his lesson and moved on. BUT, the fact that this kid has been hanging out with us, and been so trusting and friendly directly to us made it far worse. So my friend went and explained to a bouncer what had happened where I explained to the German's what had happened. All these lads couldn't believe it. 'Nah, I know him, he's our friend. He wouldn't do such a thing.'
To which I replied that I had just witnessed this with my own eyes. He had gone through my friends bag.

Oh and by the way, luckily the thief didn't steal anything as Police searched him. Yep, Police, or POLIZEI printed on their back, got involved and naturally. All three of us (The thief, the victim and the witness) were carted off to a German police station. About 2 minutes into the trip, the van's doors opened and the Police threw a hand cuffed drunk into the back with us. I have never seen someone so drunk in my entire life haha.

Anyways, after we arrived at the station, and sobered up slightly, the thief had his mug shot taken and was taken off into one room, where my friend was taken into another.

Now, I've gotten explain a hilarious part to this story. Before my friend was taken away for his statement, these three French lads sat down beside us, all handcuffed to the bench, and were in hysterics. I have no idea what they were in for, but they made me laugh so much. They were asking if they could have their mugshots tagged on Facebook! Was hilarious. They kept posing for photos, asking if they could have group shots, one even took out his iPhone and took a photo of the three of them. Although they were drunk (They were laughing about who's breathalyser scored the highest,)  they didn't seem to be in a rough state. Just drunk and hyper lads. And I honestly am not sure why they had been arrested. Either way, they were so excited they were in a Police station!

So after about 20 minutes, I was called forward, given my ID back to me, and met up with my friend, and we left the station. At the exit we saw all the Germans (pictured above) who had come to meet their mate, the thief. Anyways, my mate decided to press charges as he would've been left off scott free if he didn't, and chances are NOTHING is going to happen to the kid. We just wanted him to get a good smack, but I guess my mate already gave him that.

Then, we returned to the festival!

Like I said, if this had been anywhere else, normally we would've just hit the kid, told him to 'F__k off' and moved on. I don't want to come across as the 'We had to tell the Police D: ' type, but like I said before, the fact they befriended us, only to steal from us, made it so worse. So yeah, we told the bouncers and they told Police. 
The worse thing is, naturally I am really paranoid and like to keep my belongings on me, especially in a foreign country where us tourists are targets. I had just gotten to the point where I felt comfortable enough to leave my bag with everyone elses, and then this happened. Damn thieves.

Now, as this post is long enough, I'll keep it short for words here and basically just post pictures.

A little explanation - We were all drunk, dancing on tables, with Litres of beer in our glasses and in our system. Oh, and for some reason EVERYONE loved my stalk hat! I got so much attention for it haha! Everyone wanted to try it on and have their picture taken with me.

Photo's of a drunken night dancing to a German band on tables:

                                                      Me and the Stalk hat ^

Part 3:

Don't worry, this is short ;D

After trying to steal one of these awesome glasses and getting caught, and asked to remove it from my bag, we left the festival. After loosing half our group, and spending the next 45 minutes looking for them, we eventually headed off to the Tram, and got back to the station at 0:45am for a Burger King.

With our train at 07:20am, we soon passed out on the Stuttgart station floor, and as we were, an incredibly friendly French guy and 2 girls gave us some blankets!

Travellers always look out for travellers!

Anyways, on returning home, I spent all day Sunday in bed, nursing off a killer hang over.

And that's IT. STORY OVER!

Hope you enjoyed it, and if you did read it ALL, then thanks so much. Took me so long to type and upload all the photos! I will DEFINITELY be going to this next year, and recommend ALL of you do! Thanks a lot :D


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