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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Purchased a digital camera

Pretty self explanatory here guys! Purchased a 7mb Digital Camera so I can let you guys experience my travels just as well as I can! I will also be leaving short video blogs for my friends back home so they can still see and hear me haha.

I'm not out of your lives yet guys ;D

Any suggestions on what's going to be the best way to upload these videos? Don't really won't to upload them to Youtube.

Open to suggestions.

I leave in the morning!


  1. she beat me to it. vimeo is way better. what's wrong with youtube, though?

  2. I think youtube is just fine its fast and great HD

    And cool you are learning french, must be hard lol.

  3. Welcome to the world of photography, keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times

  4. digital cameras are the shit bro!!

  5. Good stuff! thinking of buying one too