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Saturday, 11 September 2010

And so it begins...

And so I depart. It's currently Saturday 11th September - 22:28 (GMT)
At 04:30 Monday 13th September, I will awake and I will leave my house for the very last time for the next 10 months.

My train leaves Gloucester train station at 05:19, where I must travel to London (Only changing once). At Paddington station. I will then have to get the tube and will arrive at Kings Cross at 07:46.

At 08:27 I will board the Eurostar train, and I will OFFICIALLY begin my travels.

It's only just sinking in how real this is becoming. Today I have said my goodbyes to family and friends and all I can say now is; I have never felt like this before in my entire life. As well as bricking it at the thought of being alone, I feel an overwhelming sense of excitement as this is going to be a year of my life I will never forget.

So followers, friends or anyone who's stumbled upon this, at 15:17 on Monday the 13th September, I will have arrived in Strasbourg; Tired, nervous and carrying my life in a suitcase.

And so will begin the most incredible 10 months of my life.


  1. happy for you bro, just showing my support

  2. nice, hope u have plenty of fun bro

  3. I travelled throughout the eastern part of africa with my girlfriend in the late 50s (1750s)

    guess what we were doing?
    slaves lol

  4. really interesting read, thanks for posting this

  5. Found your blog! Can't wait to see what your life will be like there.

  6. You sound pretty damn excited. Wonder if I'll be this way eventually..

  7. just go and doit. take names and kick butt.