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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Travelling from France to Spain

Hello audience! Just an update really as my time in France comes to an end. Today I ventured on down to the Strasbourg train station, (which by the way is an incredible building for those that haven't seen it. It's like an old church/cathedral style building, SURROUNDED by a like glass dome. Check it!) and enquired about how much/how long it would take for a train from Strasbourg to Valencia.

Strasbourg Train Station at night

Outer shell of Strasbourg train station
Furturstic, but also not at the same time. Strasbourg's train station is pro

And so it appears I'm off! This Saturday I have to travel to Paris, to take what they call a hotel train overnight to Barcelona, where I'll change and head off to Valencia.

This isn't my last post before I go, just an update on my travels.

That's it for now. Rats Out!

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  1. Good luck with the travels, mate!

  2. these pics make me jealous, i wanna go back

  3. Oh wow that station is actually pretty.

    Way better than the crap we got here in Australia haha

  4. That station is awesome looking! I miss Paris, please eat some yummy macaroons for me! Nice blog, following :D

  5. Gorgeous architecture.
    Although your blog seems to rape me with ads, and popups, I will still follow.

    Looking forward to more posts, soon. Have a great trip!

  6. wish we had more architecture like this where I live.

  7. Ah, what a station! Enjoy your travels.

  8. wow that place looks amazing