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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Como estas? Puta

So I've just moved into the most kick-ass new flat in Valencia, and I am loving it. It's absolutely amazing. I'll get a little vlog (video blog) tour of my flat and my time so far.

This is just a little post to let you know I arrived safely, and am not dead.

Update: Learning some kick ass Spanish swear words!

Caquita de la vaquita - Cow shit
Chinga tu hermana - Fuck your sister
Chinga tu madre - Fuck your mom
Chinga usted - Fuck you
Chorra - Stupid
Cojeme - Fuck me
Culo - Ass

El burro sabe mas que tu - The donkey knows more than you
Eres más malo que marihuana - You're worse than marijuana
Eres tan estupido como un perro - You are as stupid as the dog
Estupido - Stupid

Hijo de puta - Son of a Bitch
Hijo de tu puta madre - Son of a Bitch
Hueles a mierda - You smell like shit

Idioto - Idiot

Jode tu madre ayer noche - I fucked your mother last night
Joto - Faggot / Gay


Rats Out!

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  1. Congrats on the new flat. My fiancee used to live in Spain.

  2. Video vlog is kinda redundant. Like saying automatic ATM...

  3. I'm c/ping this into a .txt. :D
    How come you moved here? I mean, you are a student, right? Spain isn't exactly France.

  4. Nice I learned something, they always use PUTA in movies!

  5. Really now, you live in Spain?! I want some pictures!

    I'm from Oviedo, born and raised..currently in Canada though ;P

    it's lovely in Spain though! congrats!

  6. Meriquita con la penguita.

    You're welcome. 8D Very awesome, btw.

  7. the most useful spanish words possible!

  8. glad your not dead :) Glad to see you have basic communication down...must be really helpful ;)

  9. Congratulations man. Looking forward to the vlog/pictures.

  10. Nice swears, always good to learn the language lol.

  11. Useful thanks. Are any of these Valenciano-specific or can they be used anywhere in Spain?

  12. Yes, because it is quite often you will encounter a wizened donkey. (A wise-ass?)

  13. "You're worse than marijuana", that's a hilarious insult.