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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mad Caddies adventure last night / Unannounced Mad Caddies UK Tour 2011? / My first month here

So guys if you're reading this now (It's 14:31 Europe time on the 14/10/10), as of this hour I have officially been here a month! Just thought I'd share haha. But yeah life is getting easier here. No longer the lonely, difficult, confused boy I was once, but now...a man. Ok so I'm still kinda confused about this entire country but life is progressing, and so is my level of French, which is always good because it's the entire reason I'm out here.

Anyway, enough of that, if you've been following my Facebook/Twitter/This blog you'll be aware that last night I went to watch the Mad Caddies play!

(Original post here: http://studentaroundtheworld.blogspot.com/2010/10/mad-caddies.html)

So yeah, last monday I was talking to some German lads who informed me that the mighty Mad Caddies would be playing in Strasbourg! Now for me this was huuuuuge. It's been about a month since I'd been to a gig and I'd started to get withdrawal symptoms, so the fact that one of my favourite groups were playing here on such short notice was awesome.

Anyways, I had no idea how I was going to get to the gig (It's about a hour and a half walk) I just knew it was one bus, then a 40 minute walk. Instead, after staring at a map for about 10 minutes a helpful French woman approached me and told me that to get to where I wanted I had to take a tram. So one bus and one tram later, I arrived at tiny back alley gig which was actually a really good venue.

What surprised me about this gig was that there were only one support band. Either way these guys were amazing! A French ska/punk band called Zéro Talent. They were AMAZING. I would strongly suggest you check these guys out. I haven't found a link to their myspace yet but they can be found on Facebook here:

Anyway, after a very enjoyable 40 minutes, they left the stage and Mad Caddies took over.

And they were just as brilliant as they always are. It was the third time I've seen them and with no barrier at the gig, I was at the very front and all I can say is took part in some serioussss stage diving. There's nothing like running on stage while the group is playing then running and diving into the arms of hundreds of sweaty German's and French. I said I'd take some photos for you guys so here we are:

Mad Caddies singer
Mad Caddies guitarist
Mad Caddies guitarist live
Mad Caddies bass and guitarist
Mad Caddies lead singer
Mad Caddies sweaty singer
Mad Caddies bassist
Mad Caddies trumpet
Mad Caddies trombone

Here's the setlist for you Caddie fans:

Mad Caddies setlist 2010
Anyways, after the gig I asked the guitarist for a plectrum, and the drummer for one his sticks. Although neither were signed, the plectrum is sweet as it has their name printed on it. More merch to add to my collection of band merch I guess! I also bought a pretty sweet Mad Caddies Tee shirt ;D
Front of Mad Caddies plectrum

Back of the plectrum
Mad Caddies tee shirt

Oh, I also met the trombonist after the gig who was surprised to find out that I was English and all the way over in Strasbourg haha. He also informed me the Caddies would be touring the UK in February 2011! So watch this space guys!

After the gig finished at 11 and I discovered that the last tram had left or wasn't running because there was a strike (so typical of the French), I spent the next 50 minutes running and cycling with a lovely chap I found lives at my residence, and as he bought a bike to the gig we kept swapping. It was a brilliant way to improve my language as I spent the next 40 minutes conversing in French!

But yeah that's all. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. sweet, man! i also collect drumsticks from bands :3

  2. Good post, looks like it was a fun event. much love.

  3. You gotta dig a band called Zero Talent.

    "There's nothing like running on stage while the group is playing then running and diving into the arms of hundreds of sweaty German's and French."

    If you say so. :)

  4. @Rorschach
    Yeah they were sick! and haha that was the joke ;D

    Was still fun though

  5. sounds like you really enjoyed that.

  6. Mad Caddies is so cool! I'm jealous you got to go. I'm stuck at home with a (adjective deleted) girlfriend, as i'm sure you've read from my latest post.

  7. I don't even know what the Mad Caddies is. Something worth checking out?

  8. @Toliver
    They're an awesome ska punk band from California. Check em out!

  9. that's good you went to the show :)

  10. awesome post really enjoyed reading it

  11. Live shows are the BEST when you get to see a band that actually has energy. Plus you got to keep some stuff! Awesome post

  12. Any good examples of French groups? I've honestly NEVER heard French music. LOL AMERICA.

  13. Grats on hitting the month mark!

  14. looking forward to your next one

  15. damn, working hard, look at all the sweat

  16. completely forgot about ska music. gonna go have to dig out my reel big fish cds haha

  17. This looks like an awesome Band.