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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

First video blog: Kidnapping? Acoustic guitar and a bike :D

Thought I'd switch it up for you guys today! Here's my first video post including a weird kidnapping story involving myself, an acoustic guitar, and a bike :D

Here's the video:

EDIT: I am aware Youtube decided to lag the Audio/Visual so just minimise it and listen it it annoys you haha

So what do you reckon guys? Friendly French man? Or rapist?

Also if you guys would like to see my video blogs from me, then let me know!


  1. Funny you look like one of my friends lol

  2. Now he has your number.
    It doesn't matter if he is a rapist or not.
    But hey, if anything happens, at least we can point this blog out to the investigators!

  3. yo!!

    videoblog was cool man, think you should defo make more (where reasonable, like your personal stories would be better as vid but your tips and tour kind of posts suit writing better I think).

    I don't think you had to worry about being kidnapped, whenever someones kidnapped in France Liam Neeson rescues them, a la Taken.

    Pics of your new bike? Also you should do a post of like your accomadation and room (unless its abit lame).

    cya and look after yourself - Markptp

  4. If you don't steal my guitar, then friendly Frenchman, for sure :)

  5. great video :-D

    pls post more! :-)

  6. @Seb

    I'm getting it muchhhh shorter when I return home. You can't get your hair cut whilst travelling it's a travellers' rule!

  7. awesome
    hope for more

  8. RAPIST.... oh wait hes french, nvm

  9. good post... wait, would it be called a post?

  10. How far do u plan to travel?

  11. move video blogs .. for sure

  12. I like video blogs. The less reading, the better. That's kind of hypocritical of me haha.