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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tips on what to pack when studying abroad

Another post for all you travellers out there with some information on key items to take when travelling. This is going to be primarily based on first hand experience (even 5 days at Reading Festival was a huge lesson on the DO's and DONT's for what to pack!)

So I hope you guys find this useful, and even if you don't, it'll be a good reminder to myself for when I leave in the next fortnight!

Right let's crack on, and remember this is personal opinion! So if you disagree or feel I've missed something, let me know!


Passport and a several photocopies of said passport
Several passport sized photos (These can come in really handy)
Proof of insurance
Acceptance letter or proof of study from university (whether it's the abroad university or your home university)

Cards and licenses:

Debit card
Driving or provisional license
TRAVELEX CARD (This is so important and I'll provide a post about it soon)


Now, this is far more easier for boys than girls!

One pair of COMFORTABLE shoes. I can't stress this enough. Unfortunately shoes take up a lot of space in the bag so it's likely you're only going to have room for just the one pair. You're going to be doing A LOT of walking whilst abroad and I strongly recommend you choose comfortability over style. Although you don't want to look like a tramp for your travels, you're going to be on your feet the majority of the time, and being comfortable is always a bonus over fashion.

For clothing, make sure you research the weather for where you're staying. I.E Don't pack tight tee shirts if it's going to be 30 degrees Celsius! Only take the essentials. I suggest you chose darker clothes as dirt and marks don't show up as well compared to white or lighter clothing. Although you don't want to look scruffy for a year, don't take any clothing that you don't mind loosing or getting damaged.


Again, this is a much easier decision for guys. I would only recommend taking a toothbrush here. Although foreign  stores may not sell your favourite brands, they will still stock types of deodorants and toothpaste etc, so I recommend buying most toiletries whilst out there.

Girls, the same is probably true for your make up. Remembering, your spending your time travelling and chances are, you're not going to look your greatest. That said, most stores will sell make up, but you may have to fork out a bit more cash if you're looking for your high market brands.


A small torch
Plug converters
Small notepad and pen
Money Clips
Extra SD cards for your camera!
A large ruck sack (This saves taking your suitcase everywhere, allowing you to carry your essentials whilst leaving  clothes etc wherever you're staying)


  1. Nice, now I want to go on an adventure!

  2. Having been on a few trips myself, I must say the lad has it right.

  3. thanks a lot for these tips

  4. no this is AMAZING

  5. damn xD i would have needed that some years ago

  6. great list, i always forget the smaller things like power outlets and toileteries ><

  7. A small torch will be useful :D

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  9. love the post... I want to see moar!

  10. This is also a good list to refer to if you're just going to college, no matter how far you'll be from home.

  11. You forgot the condoms, but I forgive you

  12. Wow this is great thanks for the infos !

  13. sounds pretty legit dude, real nice :)

  14. Thank you :D
    I will hopefully need all of this soon.

  15. I never thought of it that way... interesting

  16. These are good tips. I've been practicing them while abroad. It'll help save you money and prevent you from standing out like a sore thumb.

  17. Thx! :)

    I will soon begin my studys in the USA so this will be helpfull! :D

  18. I've been thinking about doing this, very useful post for me atleast, Thanks.

  19. wonderful tips bro. great post, keep the good job

  20. Dude, you have the gift. And if I ever feel the need to travel, I'll do it in your suitcase!