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Sunday, 26 September 2010

German Radio

So as I will be starting University as of tomorrow, I decided to set up my actual alarm clock, as I always end up pushing snooze on my phone and waking up far too late. I currently own a standard radio alarm clock that means when it's the most painful part of the day and I have to wake up, I will be woken up to French news or some crazy French Hip Hop. Obviously it depends on what station I tune it to.

Now, for those of you that weren't aware of Strasbourg's location, is it located in Alsace, right in the North East of France, here;

Now obviously I know I'm only a few kilometres from the German border, but I did experience quite a shock when looking for a decent French radio station, and all I could hear were German rants. I'm hoping that by finding a decent French news station, I can listening to the morning announcements etc, and even by just having it on in the background, be able to improve my French.

But I don't want to wake up in the morning to German radio! Ahhhh!


  1. lol that sucks for you >.< , it well help you turn it off faster lol?

  2. lol! if you set that as the alarm sound, i'm sure you will want to go up and turn it off! :P

  3. grats on 500+ followers bro, i'm ur 502nd!

    keep it up, this blog is absolutely fantastic.

  4. congrats on hitting 500+ . keep up the good work.

    sry for the radio :P

  5. Haha, my friend lives close to belgium and has the same problem :P

  6. waiting for ur great new post mate.

  7. were all behind you! have fun man :)

  8. Haha maybe you'll get used to it. Great blog, following you.

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